Thursday, September 26, 2013

The basic idea

Heya :D

Here's an update of some ideas I had in mind for the costume
So I already figured out a while ago, okay some two or three weeks ago actually.
I already made sketches, ideas, picked the materials I'm gonna work with and I actually got all detailes figured out.

Usually the main part of the costume are of course the clothes you're gonna wear. Sure, you can go around, walking with a keyblade but that doesn't make you a Sora/Roxas. But if you would dress up in for example Sora's clothes everyone will recognize you...or at least, most will.
:s drifting off again..
My design for the the costume is a kimono with very broad sleeves (not exactly a traditional kimono for that would be too complicated for me, so the basic kimono-design will be modified). The length will be to the middle of my shinbone. On the kimono I want to make some red marks, like amaterasu has and some extra.

I only want the marks on the sides of her torso to be on the kimono. Beside that I want some extra marks which I came up with myself (I'll post a picture of one of my sketches in another post as soon as I can)
In the next post i will be showing you what other ideas I had in mind, because there's more than just a kimono!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and for now:
So long!

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