Saturday, December 28, 2013

The wigpost

Hey everyone!

Welcome again :D
I said (long ago) that I would dedicate a post to my wigchoice.
I've searched for some time and I think I found the wig that I want.
I first had to decide what kind of hairstyle I wanted.
Long, short, curly, straight, with bangs, without bangs, etc..
I liked a medium wig. I have mediumlength hair myself and I think it would suit the costume nicely.
But my hair is blonde and I want some kind of white or very light grey. Blonde can be alright, but I would only not wear a wig if I don't have a white one, so only in "emergencies".
I searched on google (yay for google again!) for some reliable sites which sell wigs. I prefer to buy from webshops other then those on ebay and amazon. Don't know why, I just do.
There are 3 sites that came up most:

All three have nice wigs. But I don't know much about wigs so don't ask me about quality :P
At first I had my mind set on a wig named claudia:
But later on I found a wig on which is cheaper but which I might even like better:
I would have to model the bangs to my likings. Hope I will succeed.
This wig is less "full" but I actually like it anyway. Love the soft white color and the curls/waviness.

Once I've ordered the wig (which will probably take a while, so don't count on that happening soon) I will post again.

Thanks for reading!


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