Friday, December 27, 2013

The experiment


Wow it has been exactly 2 months now since my last post!
I hereby inform you on the fact that I'm still alive and working on my cosplay...sorta.
It has been busy past few months and I think I still won't be able to post as much as I used to when I started blogging. Nonetheless, I'm still motivated to fulfill my goal (completing my human Amaterasu cosplay).
I'm embaressed to say that I actually started experimenting a little with pu foam, which is (if I'm correct) just the sprayable variant of polysterene foam. I cut a circle out of cartboard and sprayed on both sides.

Much cool,
Very cirle,

One at a time of course, the foam needs to expand and harden completely.

Sadly the cardboard was bent during the expanding process.
I cut the foam with a crafting knife in the shape I wanted, which was the Divine Retribution (which is now of course not straight because of the cardboard -.-)

Design sketches of the Divine Retribution

Once I got the shape I wanted, I covered the shield with plaster band. A few layers.
Then to fill little dents, I used the stuff you use to fill little holes in walls, I honestly have no idea what it's called XD

Once I finished that, I started sanding it with sandpaper.
Still not finished doing that but so far it looks okay. Except for the fact that it is bent. :(
Oh well I will just have to live with it....

In the end I will paint and varnish it.
I still have to decide how to make the flames, probably some kind of fabric?
Suggestions are very welcome!

Well, you guys are fully informed again :)

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