Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Glaive-crafting plans

Hello there, reader!

Today I'm going to tell you what plans I have for crafting the glaive I want to add to the Ammy-costume!
The reason why I chose for a glaive as "accessory" is just because the glaives are BAD-ASS. They are my favorite kind of weaponary in Okami. I always have at least one glaive selected as soon as I can in the game.
There are two glaives I really find amazing, the're so pretty 8D 
Ahem.. The two glaives I'm talking about are Tsumugari and Blade of Kusanagi. Since the first one, Tsumugari, seems like a more achievable to make item, I decided to go for that one.
Tsumugari, the first glaive you get in the game
I started searching on google (yay for google!) for methods to make a glaive. I had two demands:
1. It had to be quiet strong, I didn't want it to break or anything the moment I walk in the convention hall, or accidentaly would bump into something with it.
2. I didn't want to feel like was solid lead, I'm a small person, I can't take that much! Like: I know I cosplay as one but I'm not a real goddess y'know..
With these demands in mind I started on my journey to The Solution. After a bunch of searching for methods, materials and translations I think I found the perfect solution:
First craft the glaive out of some kind of foam (will the common polystyreenfoam do?) and then put a layer of celluclay over it. For those of you who don't know what celluclay is: As far as I know it's some kind of paper mache meets clay.
I don't think we have it in Holland but as long as I can't find it here, I'll focus on buying it on the internet. I found out that is a good one for that. As for the foam, I'll find it here, no problem.
I am aware that celluclay might have some weight, but it is the best I can find, which is also affordable for me. Afterwards the glaive has to be painted of course, whether I'm spraypainting it or just use acryl paint. 
I have a question by the way: since I'm gonna wear a "kimono" which is almost all white. I don't want any blue marks from the paint on my clothes of course. Does spray paint get on your clothes if you rub it against it? Or should I just use hairspray or something on it?
Anyway, thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!

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