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I noticed I haven't really told you about all "accessories" yet, so I'll tell you about it today! :D

First of all, I am so sorry for not writing in such a long time. I have been busy with school, got some tests 'n stuff, and there are a few yet to come, but I guess I gotta feed you something ;)

ALRIGHT! Let's get back to what really matters: the costume!
Or to be more specific, as I already told you, the accessories. What I mean with accessories includes footwear.

The accessories:

Of course there is the wig too, but I want to have a post all about the wig and the face paint.

So here is a list of the accessories I'll discuss in this post:
1. the "shoes"
2. the socks X)
3. the leg warmers
4. the gloves

Let's start with the footwear.

1. The "shoes"
I sure as hell ain't gonna walk on my bare feet right?! Nope, and to make it fit in with the kimono, I decided to go for geta!
Geta is some kind of wooden flipflops :P It's a real western description, sorry XD
There are more kinds of geta than just one, but I am still doubting about this. (Really thought I figured everything out in detail, but I calculated what this cosplay was gonna cost me and decided to see what I could save money on.) At first, really liked these geta: 

 But lately, I came across these and acutally prefer these because of the beautiful wood:

(Let me know what you guys like best!)

But there is also another kind of geta, and I am sure you have seen these somewhere. A pair of these geta have a very simple design: 6 planks and 2 thongs.
I would never have thought of it if a friend of mine came up with the idea (thanks!) for making them myself!
This is the link he sent me for those who are interested:
So if I decide I want to spend less, this is a good alternative.
I could always paint it too by the way! (These things are so obvious, yet I don't think of it, or think of it after way too long..)

2. The socks
Right, let's get on with the next item. The socks. Or tabi, actually. Why? Because these bitches are made to be worn in footwear with a thonks between your big toe and the rest of the party!


Traditionally these aren't worn with these geta. One is supposed to walk on them with bare feet. Like the western flipflops. But as some areas of the con-hall might be cold, it would be wise (ha me and wisdom) to wear a pair of socks. It would probably be a little more comfortable as well as I will be walking (litteraly) on a pair of wooden planks. I feel like the only choice in socks I would have is whether I will be wearing green or white tabi. Kidding, white of course. The tabi in the image above are made from some kind of silk or satin fabric? I dunno, it is really comfortable (I have a pair here, just not the right color). But the ones I'm going for are cotton ones, I pressume the same kind as average socks. 

3. The leg warmers
Something I really want to add are leg warmers. I just love 'm. I want them to be red. Now I can think of 3 options on how to get these:
1, just buy them!
2, buy long red socks and cut the bottom half off.
Or 3, make them out of the left over red fabric.
Why would I even consider the second option? Because I prefer them to be a little tight. Huge wool leg warmers just aren't right for the costume! Not sure if leg warmers are at all, but I'm prepared to give it a shot.

4. The gloves
Really doubting about where I want to get these, maybe I should try to make them myself? 
I saw these awesome gloves on amazon.com:
But I see two disadvantages here:
1: There is a chance that the color could be just a little off. Would be a shame.
2: It's satin. This fabric might look beautiful and it totally does, but if someone were to take a photo with flash, it wouldn't look good, as satin is shiny, therefore reflecting. This could ruin a picture.
So maybe I will just make something like it. Again, out of leftovers from the red cotton I will buy.

So this concludes my post on my planned-to-use accessories. Maybe there will be an update on this subject. Who knows!

Thanks for reading!

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