Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sketching at school

Hey everyone,

Today at school I made some sketches (I was kinda bored XD). I just drew them quickly and without any extra lines (I mean the ones you erase later on) so you may notice that some bodyparts might be a little out of proportion. (Don't kill me please! D: )

So here are the drawings:

Out of proportion, not paying attention to details (c'mon just ckeck out those fingers on the right one, left one doesn't have any, that doesn't count XD) I have a lot to learn!

And here is another drawing of me on my way to the trainstation (almost) every morning on schooldays:

Ugh I just noticed I really didn't pay attention on finishing the nose XD

Alright well, this was just a post because I made some drawings and I thought, heck, why not post them. Now you guys know a little more my ideas. Btw, I'll explain more about the accessories at some point.
I am probably just gonna devote an entire (WOOAAH) post to it.


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